Property Owners: Request a Banner

If you are a property owner in the Tuscaloosa area that was impacted by the April 2011 tornadoes, please accept our sympathies and our best wishes as you adapt to the new normal. Beauty Amid Destruction was formed to help ease your stress, bring you pleasure, show the concern so many people across the nation feel for you and provide hope.

We are local citizens, some directly impacted by the tornado ourselves, who know the effects the devastated landscape is having on our community. We are people who have volunteered countless hours running chainsaws, removing debris, moving our friends to new living quarters, sorting donated goods, cooking meals, etc. We are people who want to use our special talents and skills to give more to our community.

We are giving compassionate artists across the country the opportunity to lend their talents to help lift up our community. These are not folks who can provide you a new roof or can bring back all that you have lost. But these are caring people who want to help.

We believe the art banners being donated by artists around the country will bring joy and hope to those who are living, working and rebuilding in these areas. If you would like to have an art banner displayed on your property, at no cost to you, please complete this Property Owner Request Form. View banner artwork on the Submitted Banners page.

Our goal is to have Beauty Amid Destruction art banners displayed throughout the Tuscaloosa area impacted by the April 2011 tornadoes.